Yes, by appointment only, we offer Robotics and automation prototyping and computer numeric controls.

We at Pine Belt Industrial Supply understand that mechanical contol is going away. With the advent of inexpensive, totally -programmable "boards" like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone, there will be less need for "mechanical" solutions. The world will still need bearings and "gearboxes," but they will just be for "practical" uses in "smart" systems. Therefore, PBIS has found it necceissary to be able to connect to a piece of hardware (any machine) from ANYWHERE in the world via the internet.

We, also, understand that Microsoft Windows is a failing system that has become very "heavy" for industrial and business applications. Linux offers a solution that is supported by millions of "rogue" programmers all over the world. Microsoft employs on a few hundred engineers. Every major "advance" you have seen in "Windows" was seen in Linux systems first. Any new idea can be submitted to Linux for review and consideration for inclusion in the next release. Most importantly, LINUX DOES NOT GET VIRUSES which is the reason it and UNIX are the preferred computer operating systems at Pine Belt Industrial Supply. We also use the Mac iOS in a couple of our desktops, which is simply a "proprietary" version of Linux.

If you have never heard of Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Python Script, this service may not be for you. Just know that we can design automated machinery. Tell us what you want to "automate," and we can try to help you!..