Questions we're asked over and over and over....

What time do y'all open/close?

Business Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Friday 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Saturday and Sunday - Closed

What do y'all sell?
We specialize in standard bearings and seals, belts and sheaves, chains and sprockets, and gearing. Our business is focused on the industrial market primarily in lumber, paper and food manufacturing. We have extensive experience in machining and fabrication, as well.

Do y'all sell nuts and bolts?
Sorry, no -- While it would seem logical for us to sell nuts and bolts on a "retail" level, Pine Belt Industrial Supply is actually a "wholesaler” in the "Industrial Distribution” supply chain. Fasteners (nuts, bolts, snap rings, cotter pins, etc) are handled by a completely different type of business. For those who need just a few fasteners, we suggest a local hardware store, Clempt's Hardware is our favorite!! For those who need 100's of fasteners, we recommend National Bolt and Screw, in Ellisville!

Do y'all handle anything electrical?
Sorry, no -- there are 3 electrial supply businesses behind us on West Pine Street. We do offer industrial electric motors, but no switches or controls of any kind.

Do y'all sell lawnmower blades?
Sorry, no, we do not sell or service agricultural or commercial equipment. MOST of these things contain belts, bearings and seals that we CAN provide, but our specialties do not lie in any one type of equipment - we provide standard mechanical components for ALL types of equipment, but many items are specific to the equipment.

Can you tell me what belt/bearing I need if I tell you the make and model of my equipment?
Probably not. Most folks are used to going to a "parts house" or "dealer" where the guy looks up your “make and model” and sells you a part that he has no idea what it is. PBIS looks at a part and determines if it is in our "product line." IF it is, we will be happy to try to determine what it is and provide that item to you. If it is not in our "product line," we will be happy to tell you where you might could find it! Sorry, sometimes this means going back to the dealer.

Should I grease my bearings every day?
Probably not. Our grandfathers told us to grease the bearings every day - and back in the "old days," they were correct!! Years ago, most agricultural equipment used "plain bearings' -- These are "sleeves" of brass, bronze, babbitt or other material that DOES need to be greased after every use to lubricate and clean the bearing surfaces. TODAY, most equipment comes with a "SEALED" rolling element (ball bearing or roller bearing) type bearing. THESE CAN BE OVER-LUBRICATED! Once the cavity that contains the balls/rollers is full of grease, if more is added, it will push out or damage the seals. Once this happens, the rollers/balls are exposed to dirt and water contamination and will fail much sooner than expected. It is not uncommon for some manufacturers to include grease fittings for "sealed" bearings and when they are over-lubricated, the seal will push out (usually where you cannot see it – like on the back side of a wheel spindle or bottom of a mower-deck spindle) and expose the bearing to dirt and water causing premature failure.