Sumitomo Cyclo Selector!!

I am only showing 8 of the 18 available ratios. Sure, you might need the others for some reason, but you can do most things with these 8.

What output speed is closest AND OVER what you need:

What is your motor Horsepower @1750:

belt drive ratio: :1

Input style:

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Sumitomo part number:

Actual output speed:

Torque in inch-lbs.:

Use this application at your own risk. Results are calculated based on the Cyclo 6000 series catalog information. The information provided is for reference ONLY!! I do not make any claims the information is correct, viable, usable, safe or marketable. YOU are responsible for ensuring YOU select the correct speed reducer based on the literature and guidance of Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (or Japan)!

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